Lyra Evans is an activist, an openly LGBTQ person, and an advocate for progressive change. She was a student at the OCDSB for 12 years, and came out as trans while still in high school. This was an incredibly difficult experience for Lyra, and while her school had a policy of acceptance, this did not translate into an accepting or inclusive school environment. In addition to the discrimination she faced as an openly trans student, Lyra became homeless while still attending high school. She has years of experience advocating for the homeless and organizing around LGBTQ issues. Lyra was angered by the provincial government’s recent decisions to revert to the outdated 1998 version of the sex-education curriculum, halt progress on the incorporation of Truth and Reconciliation into classroom learning, and cut funding for necessary school repairs. With experience teaching sex education in schools with Planned Parenthood, working as a community organizer, and attending school in the OCDSB, Lyra is qualified to advocate on behalf of students whose needs are being neglected.