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My name is Lyra Evans, and I'm the OCDSB Trustee for Zone 6 & former Chair of the Board

Lyra is currently the OCDSB School Board Trustee for Rideau-Vanier and Rideau-Rockcliffe Wards.

About Lyra

Lyra is an environmental chemist and activist, having done research at the University of Ottawa with the Fogg Group. She has also been a long-time community activist, having worked with organisations like *Kindspace and the Youth Services Bureau on helping LGBTQ and homeless youth for over a decade. She was first elected in 2018 to the OCDSB, and is proud to be the first trans school board trustee in Canada.

Why am I a trustee?

I am in this role to make systemic change, because I believe that society needs passionate people to get involved; to leave the world a better place for our children than we received it from our parents.

My goal as an OCDSB Trustee is to identify and rectify the structural and systemic issues at the school board which could negatively impact student wellbeing or academic potential. 

My policy positions have been profoundly influenced by my experience as a homeless teenager. I believe there are better systems possible for those struggling and in need, and I want to help build a society where the vulnerable aren't abandoned and left falling through the cracks.





Record so farIn my time on the district I've moved and passed motions to create the OCDSB Green Climate Fund, provide free menstrual products in all washrooms, and end the School Resource Officer program in our schools. I have been a persistant advocate for students with disabilities, including learning disabilities, and additional mental health funding for kids. I currently chair the Audit and Budget committees.

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